Monday, April 9, 2012

hackers unite

As you can all tell I have my own code of hacking ethics and what i ask of you is to create your own and follow them.
Dont become some fucking idiot that does not have moral values. 
I'm not talking about hacking into a web site because the admin didn't keep up with security (if an admin neglects to keep up on security they deserve to be hacked but they also deserve an opportunity to get their site back).
I just read in the news about a guy hacking into his neighbor's wifi and sending his neighbor child porn 
and he was using the neighbor's credit cards to buy child porn. This guy put a bunch of child porn on his neighbor's pc and made a death threat to the vice president on his neighbor's pc just because the neighbor's 5 year old son was in his yard. Oh and he also kissed the boy on the lips in front of the boy's parents. And this mother fucker only gets 18 years in prison.
Its mother fuckers like this that give hackers a bad name.
But no, you have these fucking assholes running around on the internet claiming to be hackers and giving the name hacker an unwelcome name.
My dream is that the name "hacker" becomes cleared of all negativity.
No white hat no black hat just the hacker hat.
I mean how do you guys trust a fellow hacker that you just met?
I do not trust a hacker until he has proven his worth.
It shouldn't be this way.
The fellow hacker needs to learn the hacker mentality.
This is very important our own kind is at risk of being terminated.
Do not argue because it has happened to every great empire. Examples: France (invaded russia in the winter) Germany (invaded russia in the winter) usa (spent more money than they had)
Is this what you want? Example: Hackers (turned on their own kind and stopped trusting one another, and "greed" always wanting something in return)
How many greedy hackers do you know?
How many skids do you see on the net every day?
Now that i have said all of this your probably thinking What can i do about it I'm just one person?
Wrong, You are one hacker. One of the most powerful people on the net. Maybe instead of Spreading your rat all over youtube and bittorent files, you should be targeting people. You should be investigating people.
Finding people on the net that have no business being on it. And removing their asses.
People running scams, pedos, perverts, And anyone else that is making the web look like garbage.
Where is the hackers at? Did they all die? Are they all in hiding from the feds?
I am calling out to all hackers, we have got to put a stop to this or no one will.
I for one can no longer sit back and watch this shit happen.
I'm going to go do something about it.
How is it going to look if a man is prosecuted by the feds for hacking child porn sites and pedos all over the web?
And for all of those fake hackers (The ones with decent hacking skills and no hacking mentality.) They do not deserve to be on our web either.
There are many big companies on the net to exploit. They do not need to exploit their fellow hackers or the little man.
I have taught and corrected many people on this site.
If i have taught you anything you should know it is highly important to teach the noobs. Learning isn't enough. Neglect the noobs and there will be no future hackers.
I hope I have made everyone that read this to think about what is really going on.

If you want to post this some where do not fucking leach it.

Give credit to: A Fellow Hacker
It should look like this 

Credits: A Fellow Hacker

great expectations

Every beginner has great expectations of being the best hacker they can be.
But little do the noobs realize that hacking comes with a lot of baggage.
It is very easy to get infected when searching for new tools like crypters, and binders.
You need to know what a virus, key logger, rat or bat/bash file looks like.
Do not forget to check for hidden files. (search google "how to view hidden files your operating system")
And do realize that there are a bunch of fake tools on youtube with a virus attached.
 There are also a lot of assholes that you will run into.
It just seems like you can not please everyone.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Real anonymity

Well I want to be real clear on this, having a vpn, proxy or running tor Isn't going to protect you from the fbi. Its like having sex with a person that has an std. You better be well protected or be prepared to deal with the consequences. If you are protected you at least have a chance. For all of you noobs, the fbi can call up your isp and be like Tell me who this ip address belongs to. With a vpn proxies and tor your isp knows where you have been connected. You do not want this, because your isp keeps logs. So this is what you do.
Follow the directions to this site and it will tell you how to set up a network that connects to other networks.
The only way of getting caught is leaving cookies and if you are found with a radio signal detector. This site has equipment specialized for long range wifi access. This is another grate set up, but it is a bit expensive. The basic pack looks fine, because I dont think their antenna is worth $100. If you notice they dont tell you the decibel gain on the antenna. I can't imagine its more powerful then a Yagi Antenna.
This sit tells you how to change your mac address and why changing your mac address is important.
I also found a really good cheep vpn.
For more info on this google "black shades vpn".

Hotspot Shield:

I have been reading up on vpns, and It looks like a non logging vpn is not real. A myth. I got some info from a person running a vpn. All vpns log to save their own ass. If someone is pushing for the information The vpn owner will give it up so they will not take the fall/blame.
Did you really think it would be as simple to log into another server without being logged?
Oh and by the way when you see a vpn that says no logs that is false advertisement.

Linux Supported wireless cards.

If you find more resources about Linux compatible wireless cards please post and I will check them and add them to the list if they meet my expectations.

Here is a place to find proxies. or com

I recommend running proxy chains instead of a vpn.
The whole point of a vpn is to encrypt the data between you and the the server you are connected to. It was made to prevent middle man attacks for businesses.

Here are 2 opensource proxy chaining programs.

Here are 2 great sources to learn about proxies. This site should answer all of your proxy questions.
If you need more info on this just post

How To Be A White Hat

In order to be a white hat you must know black hat habits. This is why hacking forums are important. How are you suppose to protect yourself from viruses, rats, network intrusions and account theft if you do not know how black hats beat the hell out of their victims. So in my opinion if you want to be a white hat you need to be a black hat first. So go out there put on your black hat and go torture some victims. Then take off the black hat put on the white one and fix their problems. Once you have experience of causing the problem you will be able to reverse engineer to fix the problem. This is the best method to become a master white hat.

Monday, April 25, 2011

We are a community that pride our selfs on being the best.. If you ever really wanted to learn about hacking, whether it would be white or black hat this is your opportunity. We always post new tools,and  the best techniques. You do not have to worry about drama, because our staff does a wonderful job to keep a relaxed atmosphere. But we are not just about hacking, we have almost every topic there is that is computer related.
So whether you want to learn hacking, have a computer question, want to sell something on our market like an e-book, or to share your graphics with other people this is the place to do it.